Sunday, March 6, 2011

Blog Post 7

I found Randy Pausch ‘s lecture very inspirational, I also found it very disconcerting. Randy was a great speaker. He had so many great ideas and aspirations that reached so many people. Yet he is all across the board. Until the end of his lecture you cannot appreciate where he was coming from.

Randy coined a great term “head faking.” Nothing is truer, “the best way to teach kids something is to make them think they are learning something else.” Of all the things he spoke about, this was definitely the focus of what Randy believed.

Randy believed in setting goals and following his dreams. He decided early on what he wanted to achieve. This is a very important in life. No matter what lies in front of you, you keep striving for what you want. And as he says when you hit a brick wall, you keep on going. The brick wall only stops those less determined.

Randy spoke of so many ideas going in so many directions. Never lose your child-like wonder, help others, never give up, were just a few. But the real kicker was the whole video was just a “head fake.” It was all the many life lessons he wanted for his children. While I felt he was going in so many directions, it was all just the things we would like our own children to understand. But it all was wrapped up in the most important lesson he could give to educators,” head faking.”


  1. I really enjoyed the conversation about "head-faking". I think that this is something all educators can learn and use. His whole speech was so moving, it seemed like every other sentence was as amazing quote. I could only pick out a few of my favorites. I love how in the end the speech was about life lessons and that experience comes from setting ones goals and following dreams. "If you can dream it, then you can do it."

  2. I think he was a great speaker as well, very easy to listen to! I think his idea on a "head fake" is definitely something we need to keep in mind when teaching students something they may not be thrilled to learn. I was also surprised at the end, when he shared with the audience that the lesson was for his children, but it made complete sense! I enjoyed reading your blog! Keep up the good work!

  3. I like how you turned your response into a bit of a head fake. Creative!